3 Things to Buy from Dubai

Dubai also referred as the city of wonders, is ideal for spending family holidays. This is the place where over 4 million tourists from around the world visit each year. Besides just ideal for holidays, Dubai has so much to offer. You can have delicious food in Dubai and you can also experience some adventure as well with activities like dune bashing and sand skiing. However, no vacation is complete without shopping. If you visit Dubai and want to shop for some items, consider these three options below.


Due to its open port policy, electronics in Dubai are not taxed. You can get your favorite electronics at incredibly low prices which are not possible anywhere else on this planet. There are different shops in different shopping malls selling an extensive variety of electronics. Either you are looking for a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or a LED TV, camera etc. you can find it easily in these shops. If you want to get some electronics at more reduced prices, you should attend Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). It is a month long exhibition where electronics brands from around the world come to display their products. There is also the Al Faridi Street in Bur Dubai where the electronics can be purchased at low prices.


After Iran, Dubai is the best place to buy carpets from. All types of carpets including Kashmiri, Iranian, Turkish, can be purchased from Dubai. You can choose either handmade or synthetic carpet. Handmade carpets are known for their long life and improved beauty. However, these can be expensive because they are made with high quality dyes. These carpets can add a significant amount of grace to your home.


For people looking to improve their personality, clothes from Dubai can make them fulfil this desire. All types of clothes are readily available in Dubai in different price ranges. There are local as well as international branded clothes available. However, clothes of international brands can be expensive as they do not come under the open port policy.

These are three things that should be bought from Dubai. If you plan to visit Dubai anytime soon, do consider these options. One thing is for sure that these items will keep reminding you about the lovely time you had spent in Dubai.